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This app enables the identification of mushroom species. With artificial intelligence, the camera images are evaluated live and show which mushroom it could be and whether it is edible or poisonous.

-530 different mushroom species with a focus on edible mushrooms and their lookalikes.
-High accuracy thanks to the latest technology
-No advertising
-List of finds and locations can be saved
-Findings can be displayed via Google Maps.
-Display of similar mushrooms and information about the risk of confusion.
-Descriptions and pictures of each mushroom species are available offline.
-Wikipedia descriptions for each species
-Accuracy of identification is displayed.
-Pictures from any source can be scanned
-No short news
-Links to mushroom advisory centres are integrated

When picking mushrooms for consumption, you should always consult an expert. If in doubt, always contact a mushroom advisory centre near you.

Pay special attention to the danger of confusion with poisonous lookalikes!

If you have any suggestions for improvement, praise or comments, please send an email to ynot4u2@gmail.com or rate the app on Google Play.

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