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Análisis Lottery Ticket Checker - Mega Millions & Powerball

Lottery Ticket Checker - Mega Millions & Powerball

Lottery Ticket Checker - Mega Millions & Powerball

Comprobador de boletos de lotería Mega Millions, Powerball y Cash4Life con escáner OCR.

Free and unlimited!

Lottery ticket checker with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanner technology. Supported lotteries (USA only):
🟣 Mega Millions
🟣 Powerball
🟣 Lotto America
🟣 Cash4Life
🟣 Lucky for Life

Quickly check the latest national results and lottery numbers. You can also save your numbers for future draw dates. Includes a useful random number generator and QR code scanner.

As a bonus, you can also manage a lottery pool with your friends and family with Lottery Ticket Checker (LTC)!

*** This app requires rear camera. If your phone or tablet doesn't have a rear camera, the camera will fail to initialize.

You can remove the ads now! Please DO NOT leave a bad review because of the ads as you can remove them if you want....


1. Hold the smartphone still as much as possible.
2. Scan one row of numbers at a time.
3. Fit the row exactly within the box.
4. Hold the camera perpendicular to the surface of the ticket.
5. Avoid light glares.
6. Clean your camera lens.

👉 Before writing a negative review please try to report an issue within the app. Most of the people who do, realize that they're not scanning a supported lottery ticket, they're scanning the barcode instead of the numbers, their camera quality is low or they're not following the instructions properly. Under the right conditions, LTC has over 95% accuracy.

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