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Auction Sniper

Auction Sniper

Snipe y la oferta para ganar las subastas de eBay con Auction Sniper utilizando las ofertas automáticas!

Snipe to win eBay auctions using Auction Sniper for Android!

Welcome to hands-free auction bidding and winning. Back and better than ever, Auction Sniper will place an automated bid, based on your preferences, in the last seconds of an eBay auction to increase your chances of a winning bid. With the improved Auction Sniper app you can:

• Save time by no longer having to watch the end of an auction.
• Import eBay watches and easily place, edit and delete snipes.
• App Notifications to let you know when you have been outbid, lose or win an Auction.
• Sort searches by price, end time or newly listed.
• Directly fund your Auction Sniper account with PayPal.
• And more!

Plus, you can try Auction Sniper for Android for free! After you sign up, open the Auction Sniper activation email and click the "account activation" link to receive your 3 free snipes. After your first 3 winning snipes, you will be charged only 1.5% of the final auction price with a minimum fee of $0.35 USD and a maximum of $14.99 USD for only the auctions you win.

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