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Musicboard is a social platform where people from all around the world connect through their shared love of music. Write reviews, rate music, and compile lists in music's fastest growing community.

Musicboard lets you:
• Write reviews and rate music to share your opinions with friends. Explore what others think and grow your passion.
• Discover new music from real people. Musicboard curates a database of ratings and reviews for the world's music.
• Compile music into lists, like your favorite albums, ranking an artist's discography, or showing off your hidden gems.
• Keep track of all the music you want to listen to, and stay up to date as new albums are being released.

Subscribe to Musicboard PRO:
• Unlock in-depth statistics about your musical interests.
• Personalize your profile a customizable backdrop and a spot to share your favorite albums.

Tens of thousands already use Musicboard to share their thoughts and opinions in music. With a combination of ratings, reviews, and lists, their profile quickly becomes a central hub for their life in music.

Our Terms of Use is available at https://musicboard.app/terms

For feedback on our app, let us know at feedback@musicboard.app

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