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TAPSI - تپسی

TAPSI - تپسی

TAPSI - تپسی es una de las aplicaciones de transporte compartido más grandes de Oriente Medio.

TAPSI - تپسی is an application to order a taxi online that connects you to drivers through the mobile app, web app, and the corporate panel. It is also possible to order a TAPSI - تپسی by phone, calling 1630. You can easily request a car at any time of the day and experience a high-quality, safe, and affordable ride, even in traffic congestions. TAPSI - تپسی has three different types of services, regular car requesting, requesting taxies (yellow or green), and TAPSI - تپسی Line (ride-sharing). You can choose the service you want when making a ride request.
At the end of the ride, you can rate the quality of your ride/driver behavior and help TAPSI - تپسی team improve service delivery.
Here are some of TAPSI - تپسی features:
• With TAPSI - تپسی safety package, you can share your ride profile - including driver name, car model, car number, and route with others at the time, contact with safety team in case of safety problems, and be sure that the route is monitored by safety team so you can have a fully safe ride.
• TAPSI - تپسی has also smartness features and learn your ride behaviors so you can make your request faster.
• TAPSI - تپسی loyalty club named “TAPSI - تپسی spaceship” to prepare prizes and discounts from different businesses for TAPSI - تپسی users.
• TAPSI - تپسی is readable to blind users and has prepared some facilities for deaf and disabled people.

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