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Calcular las dimensiones de metales preciosos, pesos y pureza instantánea y precisa

Designed for everyone who works with precious metals, Kitco Metals Inc.’s free Metalynx app automatically calculates the dimensions of gold, silver and platinum items. It can handle three purity levels of gold, two of silver and two of platinum. Weights can be expressed in user-selectable units. For standard precious metal mill products, it can automatically determine weight, length, diameter or thickness given the other dimensions. Conversions and calculations are performed instantly using customizable criteria.

Here are some of the salient features of this powerful little app:
• Three purity levels for gold, two for silver and two for platinum
• Automatic dimensional calculations for common jewelry mill products including sheets; round and square tubes; and round, half-round, square and rectangular wires and half-round wires
• Weights in troy ounces, grams, kilograms or pennyweights
• Dimensions in inches, millimeters or gauges (as applicable)
• Live market prices and London Fix prices for gold, silver and platinum from Kitco.com, the world’s #1 precious metals information website
• Prices customizable with three units of weight and 14 currencies
• Full-screen rotatable technical and historical charts
• English and French language options

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