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Análisis TND Currency - Exchange rate in Tunisian Dinar

TND Currency - Exchange rate in Tunisian Dinar

TND Currency - Exchange rate in Tunisian Dinar

Obtenga tipos de cambio en dinares tunecinos de bancos y oficinas de cambio

TND Currency allows you to follow in real time the exchange rates of several international currencies (US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and many others) in Tunisian dinar published by Tunisian banks and exchange offices.

The exchange rates of the foreign currencies included in this application are updated according to the Tunisian bank's and exchange offices publications.

Live quotes and charts for Tunisian dinar exchange rates.
Exchange offers suggested by exchange offices

Track currency exchange rates: TND/USD, TND/EUR, TND/CAD, TND/GBP, TND/AED, TND/SAR, TND/CHF, etc.

Get more from your money with a powerful currency converter

Features include:
★ Monitor buy and sale prices for every bank.
★ Convert your amounts in Tunisian dinar to other currencies and vice versa with the selected exchange rates.
★ Easy-to-use calculator functionality
★ Historical charts for any currency pair from one week to one year.
★ Find nearby bank branches on the Google Map.
★ Saves the last updated rates when offline

- Access to the exchange rates (Buy & Sale) published by:
★ Tunisian banks
1) Arab International Bank of Tunisia (BIAT)
2) Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB)
3) National Agricultural Bank (BNA)
4) Attijari bank (ATTIJARI BANK)
5) Tunisian Bank Corporation (STB)
6) Housing Bank (BH)
7) Bank of Tunisia (BT)
8) Al Baraka Bank (AL BARAKA)
9) Tunisian-Emirates Bank (BTE)
10) Tunisian-Kuwaiti Bank (BTK)
11) Tunisian-Libyan Bank (BTL)
12) Zitouna Bank (ZITOUNA)
13) Tunisian Post (POST)
14) Wifak Bank (WIFAK)

★ Exchange offices
1) APEX Exchange (Sousse)
2) Bassatine exchange (Sfax)
3) Gabes Change (Gabes)
4) Hello exchange (Tunis)
5) HZ 207 Change (Tunis)
6) Ice exchange (Tunis)
7) K€libia Exchange (Nabeul)
8) Exchange La Goulette (Tunis)
9) Mondial Change (Tunis)
10) Moneta (Ariana)
11) M€M Exchange (Kairouan)
12) El Manar Exchange (Tunis)
13) Golden Exchange (Tunis)
14) Global Cash (Mednine)
15) Bach Exchange (Nabeul)
16) SA Change (Sfax)
17) El Manar El Saoud (Tunis)

- Consult the Buy and sale prices (by the bank) of your favorite currency:
1) US dollar (USD)
2) Euro (EUR)
3) Libyan Dinar (LYD)
4) Saudi Riyal (SAR)
5) Quatari Riyal (QAR)
6) United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
7) Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
8) Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
9) Canadian Dollar (CAD)
10) Swiss Franc (CHF)
11) Danish Krone (DKK)
12) Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
13) Swedish Kroner (SEK)
14) British Pound (GBP)
15) Japanese Yen (JPY)
16) CHINESE Yuan (CNY)

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